25 Elements to Note When You are Creating a Feminine Decor

Reflecting on the beauty of nature and balanced life, feminine living is often identified by soft palettes and subtle decorations that will attract everyone’s eyes. Offering both aesthetic and practicality, the feminine decor is a must-have if you fancy modern-looking space without making it too dandy.

Wanting to incorporate feminine decor into your home? Learn below for the best ways of making a stylish and balanced interior.

Opt for a Refined Colors

When it comes to feminine decor, don’t limit your options in mere pink and red colors. In fact, refined colors such as white, cream, and pastel are a great alternative to keep your space interesting and unique. You can also collaborate with metallic colors such as rose gold or copper as an elegant accent.

If you want to make a feminine decoration in your room the first thing you need to do is to choose subtle colors. As in the picture above using a wall with a cream color and a purple bedsheet will create an interesting color in your room.
This bedroom with feminine decoration by choosing a red color for blankets and curtains, then a cream-colored wall is a good idea. Choose red flowers for the wallpaper to strengthen the feminine concept.
Using a pink bedsheet with flower pattern is one way to make a bedroom have feminine decor. Combined with fresh green color to refresh the atmosphere.
Choosing a bedroom that uses walls with cream colors is another option to create a feminine decoration. Because beige is a subtle color, so it is suitable when used in feminine decorations.
Giving a little touch of pink in a white bedroom will make this room decor become feminine. Strengthen the feminine vibe with soft wallpaper and rug to make more comfortable.

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Pay Attention to Edges

The feminine decor pays attention to edges. Put away all the sharp and defined edges that make your room look harsh and choose a soft, rounded curve instead. While not everything has to be curvy, picking a soft-looking table and couch will help you to accentuate femininity.

One of the characteristics of feminine living room decoration is that there is no edge inside your furniture. As in the picture above using a coffee table that looks soft without edges will enhance the feminine appearance in your living room.
If you want to have a more perfect feminine living room, use a curved sofa and pair it with a round coffee table like in the picture above.
A feminine living room that uses a round ottoman for a coffee table combined with a soft sofa will sharpen the feminine decor in the living room.
Using a sofa that has lots of pillows and combined with a soft round coffee table will create a living room with a soft atmosphere.
If you want a feminine room that looks elegant, you can use a living room furniture that has no edges. It will create a soothing impression to your room.

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Seek Out a Balance

Balance is the center point of a feminine decor that’s full of flairs, textures, and accent. Thus, you need to be wise in picking the right elements to incorporate into your feminine decor. For example, pair a harsh, textured rug with the sleek floor, velvet chair with soft pillows, and so on.

One other important thing to create a feminine living room is about balancing. As in the picture above using a velvet sofa with a soft pillow is a perfect balance for the feminine living room.
If you have wooden floors for your feminine living room, you can provide a carpet that is not too guessing to make it look balanced. Because the wooden floor isn’t too cold so it doesn’t need a thick carpet.
If you use a sofa with a smooth texture, you can use a fur-covered carpet in your living room. Because with this fur carpet you will get warmth in your feminine living room. And it also suitable to cover your sleek floor to avoid slipping.

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To balance the accents in your feminine living room, you can apply feminine decorations like in the picture above. Who uses a sofa with a plain white color combined with a white-gray patterned carpet will create a harmonious atmosphere in your living room.
One way to make your living room look balanced, you can use a soft sofa and combine it with a slightly rugged patterned carpet.

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Small Decorative Details Matter

While small decorations are rarely noticed on their own, these small flairs are what enhances femininity. Carved details, button tufting, and embroideries are some of the ornaments that will make any furniture look elegant and sophisticated.

Small decorations are also very important for creating feminine decorations in your room. As in the picture above, that uses two coffee tables with the button accents will make this coffee table look attractive.
Two benches that use the button accents with dark brown color are very suitable for you to use. It will create a sophisticated and elegant look.
Having a light blue color, this round-shaped ottoman with button accents is perfect for your use. This is a simple touch but can give a different look in your feminine decor.
Two yellow benches with button touches are perfect for you to add in your feminine living room decor. Because with this yellow bench will make a bright appearance in your living room.
The feminine living room which has two green chairs with button accents is very elegant if you paired with stools that have a gold touch. This a good combination in your room using a neutral color scheme idea.

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Mix and Match

Who says that feminine decor isn’t open to creativity? In fact, eclectic and shabby-chic decors are feminine at heart. These decorations combine various rustic and vintage elements to create a whole brand new of feminine decor.

Combining feminine decor with rustic and vintage is a sparkling idea. Like this picture that uses wall hangings with vintage windows and wooden walls for a rustic look. And giving a touch of yellow for a feminine look will enhance this decoration.
Bedroom with feminine decoration combined with vintage and rustic decorations will create a comfortable room like in the picture above.
Give a touch of rustic in the feminine bedroom by providing reclaimed wooden walls will make the feminine bedroom look more elegant and warm.
A feminine bedroom that uses a headboard made of rattan makes the feminine room has a rustic touch. Moreover, the mirrors that have rattan frames are also can make the decoration looks unique.
A feminine bedroom that is given a rustic decoration in it will make the bedroom look unique. For example, you can place side tables that have a distressed look. To keep still in feminine style, add a flower painting and flower vase.

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No more worries in getting too girly or too bland. With this cheat sheet, easily nail the feminine decor without breaking a sweat.

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