28 Essential Guides to Industrial Home Décor

If you are searching for a masculine look of a house, opt for industrial home décor. Exposed bricks, industrial lighting fixtures, iron-framed bed, and exposed pipes are some features that support this manly look. So, are you planning to have this industrial design for your home? If yes, you need to know these essential guides below so that you have it applied correctly.

Materials—Something that Has Raw and Unfinished Look

Industrial-styled homes mainly find most practical things as their materials’ resources. Thus, something made from wood, aluminum, cement, iron, stone, tin, or copper is the best option to use. To show a more industrial atmosphere, people tend to expose those materials in a raw and unfinished look.

This home design upholds the idea of an environmentally friendly approach so that using some recycled or salvaged materials is the most popular way to do. In other words, it’s no need to have all things new.

One characteristic of industrial home design is to expose the raw materials as shown above. Using unpainted brick walls will strengthen the industrial appearance in your home.
Brick walls are one of the most suitable choices for homes with industrial designs. You can use this wall without flawing for a raw look.
This bedroom decor with an industrial design is the best bedroom. Having a ceiling with raw iron ornaments and brick walls makes this bedroom have a more perfect industrial impression.
In addition to brick walls, you can also strengthen the design of your industrial home with iron and wood. Like the picture above that uses wood for the floor and table, while the iron for chairs and other accessories will make this room look elegant.
This time, home industrial decoration uses a dominant material of iron. Using iron for all room furniture will make this industrial house look very amazing.

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Wood and exposed bricks are suitable materials for rooms in industrial design. Because the raw and unfinished look will give a stronger touch to your industrial home.
Using raw iron chairs and wooden tables for an industrial dining room is a bright idea. Because this furniture can provide a natural touch in the dining room of the house with an industrial design.

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Colors—Neutral Tones Manage the Design Well

When it comes to colors, the industrial home décor has no significant difference to the others. Sticking to neutral palettes (such as gray, black, and white) is mostly suggested. However, the decor also goes well with some rustic color furniture, such as a burnt orange table and brown sofa.

You can also enter neutral colors in your industrial home. As in the picture above using a white wall you give a touch of extraordinary color.
One interesting color combination to be used in an industrial home is gray walls and a brown sofa will make the perfect appearance in your room.
One of the color choices that is suitable for use in your industrial home is a neutral color. You can use a white wall color and a black sofa for a more relaxed look.
Having gray walls with a combination of brown and a beige colored sofa will make your industrial home have the perfect neutral color.

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Applying neutral colors in the industrial living room is a good idea. You can apply white and grey colors and use a brown sofa to give a contrast look. With this neutral color, you will have a warm touch.

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The wall of the living room of an industrial house that uses a white color scheme is a good idea for industrial home design. This combination of raw and natural painting will make your living room more attractive.

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The living room of an industrial house that uses a brown sofa is very interesting for you. In addition, you can use wood floors to get warmth.

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Accessories—Less is Better

The main key to decorating an industrial-styled home is limiting the use of accessories. Keep the room clutter-free and clean as much as you can. Therefore, placing one giant wall art is enough for a room.

Instead of using accessories, homeowners are encouraged to use functional objects as room décor.

Place an artwork that suits your hobby or passion. If you like all about automotive you can place a picture with a machine image. Attach on the brick walls and get a perfect industrial home design.

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Painting directly on the wall is one of the accessories that are simple and easy to do. With paintings like this you will get a bedroom that has high artistic value.
Using some wall accessories such as paintings and drawings will make your industrial home design look more attractive. Besides that, a good arrangement is also very important for the neatness of your room.

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An industrial home living room that uses wall accessories and functional chandeliers that are useful for these accessories and lighting will make your room look elegant.
One of the functional accessories used in the industrial house’s living room is this unique chandelier. With this chandelier, you will get a bright and attractive living room look.
Place your bicycle on the wall and give greenery to get a fresh look. It will be the unique wall decoration in your home.
If you want your industrial style home décor to not look fluffy, don’t use a lot of decoration on the wall. Use a big picture for a simple look and can be the focal interest in your home.

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Room Layout—Open Plan is The Perfect One

If you want to get the real “warehouse look”—which is usually represented by a spacious room, you have to start designing your home in an open plan layout.

Well, we know that it is sometimes hard to decorate a very large space. Therefore, you need to arrange your furniture strategically to define the space well.

One of the characteristics of industrial-style homes is to have a spacious room. As in the picture above which has a spacious bedroom will make you feel comfortable when in the bedroom.

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If you have a spacious living room in an industrial-style house, you must arrange neatly the furniture and just place several according to your needs. It aims to get a spacious and neat living room.
Having a spacious bedroom with a large window is the perfect bedroom for an industrial home. With large windows you will have a bright room due to sun exposure.
Arranging tables and chairs far apart in the living room of a large industrial house is a good idea. With the arrangement of tables and chairs like this, your living room will look not full and still have more space.

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This time, the industrial home kitchen has a wide and open space. With this wide and open space, you can cook comfortably because you can breathe fresh air from outside.
The important that must be considered before you place furniture in your industrial home design is to make sure that you just place that suit your needs. Just place a simple sofa and a sleek coffee table. Add a large rug for more comfortable.
The dining room and kitchen which are close together but still look spacious are industrial-style houses that everyone dreams of. Pay attention to the arrangement of furniture for a more perfect room.

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As you can see, industrial home décor requires many essential things to do. So, what do you think? Will you keep decorating your home with this design?

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